One Time House Cleaning Service

Whether you're looking for a one time cleaning service or help with a cleanup after an event. We customize your service to make sure you get the cleaning you're looking for!

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One Time Cleaning Service

One Time Cleaning Service

No matter the reason for you wanting to have a one time cleaning service. Maid Happy is here to do just that, make you and your space happy. We offer a range of professional home cleaning services depending on your needs and would love to schedule your free quote. We know there are a lot of cleaning service companies to choose from, below is some of the examples of the services we offer at Maid Happy.

Occasional House Cleaning Service Ideas

Deep Cleaning Services

If you're looking for a deep cleaning service you came to the right company. Maid Happy's cleaning process is backed with our satisfaction guarantee. We also have a 70 point check list that our cleaning teams go through when doing a Maid Happy detailed cleaning.

A one-time deep cleaning from Maid Happy is the perfect way to prepare for a special event or houseguest. We'll clean your entire home from top to bottom, leaving it smelling fresh and looking its best. No matter the size of your home, we're here to help.

Moving Out or Moving In

Are you moving in to a new construction build, a new home or a new rental and want someone to clean your home before moving in? Depending on where you are moving we have different solutions available.

Your New Constructions builds can typically be filled with dust and is exceptionally hard to get everything. Builders are great at building, not so much at cleaning. So if you are looking for someone to do the cleaning and disinfecting of a new build, it's definitely a service we provide.

If you're moving out of a rental or preparing your home for sale, we offer a detailed cleaning service for that too. Some people just want a light cleaning hoping their landlords are okay with it. With Move Out one time cleaning services we hit everything from the baseboards, to inside the cabinets, to appliances and more to get all the nooks and crannies of your home. And best of all we supply the cleaning supplies and can clean your home regardless of the size of your home.

Spring Cleaning

You don't always have to wait for the Spring to have a spring cleaning. With Maid Happy's one time cleaning service we can make any day spring. You don't have to hire a maid service to do clean the entirety of your home. For those special projects of cleaning out the garage, basement, closets, or whatever give us a call or fill out our request form and we can schedule a quote to fully understand your expectations and go over your special projects.

We love special projects as it allows us to show off what makes us different than other maid cleaning companies. And most of the time these turn into monthly or bi weekly recurring cleanings.

Special Event Cleaning

We have all been there, the in laws are coming, you're having a major event at your home, or a friend or relative is coming to stay with you for awhile. Everyone is caught up in their busy lives and sometimes our homes need a little help to get them back on track. Like with most of these one time cleaning services, the cleaning costs can vary depending on what you need.

If your having a party for your daughter or son you may not need the entire house cleaned. Maybe it's just part of the first floor. Your in-laws are coming, you may want to the entire home cleaned from top to bottom. Regardless of what you need, we'd love to talk to you about how we can help with your special event cleaning.

We do try to accommodate on a 24 hour notice, even though we are typically scheduled out in advance. So if you have an urgent detailed cleaning that needs to occur give us a call and we can see if we're able to accommodate.

Leaving or Returning from a Vacation

Nothings better than returning home to a clean space. The sensation is almost amplified when you are returning back from a relaxing vacation or business trip. Especially if it was for an extended period of time. We understand that it can be stressful and take away from an otherwise pleasant trip.

While you are away, we will arrive and take care of the cleaning so it one less thing to worry about. Who doesn't love returning home to a freshly cleaned house? It is also a great way to surprise a spouse with. We can schedule a free quote to go over the expectations of the cleaning and try to schedule it as close to your return date.

Nothing is better than surprising a spouse with a Maid Happy clean house.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a tricky one to answer due to the variables that are involved. Every one of our customers homes are a little different. Whether they have pets that shed like crazy or just want certain area's of their homes cleaned. Typically we encourage potential customers to schedule a free in person quote.

This allows you to meet us without any obligations and allows us to see the potential environment that we will be cleaning, talk about our cleaning process, what we do and also understand your expectations. This hopefully will allow us to provide a more detailed cleaning on the area's that you truly care about.

Some customers want certain parts of their houses cleaned and don't want anything done in other areas. Other customers want everything from top to bottom cleaned. We are more than happy to accommodate both customers. Which is why understanding your expectations as a customer is vital. We have the cleaning process down and a satisfaction guarantee, we just want you to be Maid Happy.
We don't have any contracts for the cleaning service we provide.
We take credit card, checks, cash and Venmo.
At Maid Happy we strive to do just that. Make you happy. At time of scheduling we put your card on hold and will attempt to reach out to make sure the service was provided to your expectations. After we've confirmed the service was well received we will charge for the service.

You may see a pending charge for the service at time of scheduling (depending on your bank/credit card). But we won't process it until after the job is complete.
We try our best to reach each customer, we will attempt to contact three times to get feedback about the service. If after the third attempt we are unable to reach you, we will charge for the service.

We hope that we can eventually connect to make sure the service was up to your expectations!
Life can be unpredictable and occasionally things may pop up. We always ask for a heads up as soon as you as possible.

To cancel, let us know either via facebook, voice mail, email, the contact us page, etc. We do request to be notified within 48 hours of a scheduled cleaning to allow us to fill that time slot for cancellations.

For reoccurring cleanings we will attempt to reschedule you for the next available cleaning. If a scheduled reoccurring cleaning needs to be skipped until the next cleaning and we're given less than 48 hours we may charge a 50% of the job cancellation fee.

For One Time Clean and Special Projects if a cancellation comes within 48 hours a 50% job fee will be applied.

It's always important to let us know within before the 48 hour window of a cleaning to avoid any fee's.
While we do offer extra services for interior of appliances and cabinets. We don't typically clean:

- Windows
- Toys
- Fireplaces Inside/Outside
- Pick up clutter
- Do Laundry
- Wash Dishes

With this said, for the occasional dish in the sink we will place in the dishwasher if it is dirty.
We believe that consistency is key to cleaning and that includes sending the same house cleaners. Although occasionally due to scheduling conflicts, calling out sick, etc we may rotate new cleaners in.

Please be aware that all Maid Happy cleaners are trained the same and follow the same cleaning check list.

So you should experience the same cleaning from any of our Maid Happy Cleaning Technicians.
Life is busy and there's a reason why you are looking for a cleaning company. While we do manage some tidying up the more time we spend picking up clutter the less time we have for cleaning.

If possible picking up toys, important papers, clutter, etc. will allow us to focus on the job at hand. Just like your in laws coming to visit and putting dishes in the wrong spot, we would hate for you to spend time searching for something that was put away wrong.

We will tidy up items on counter tops, but we shy away from putting things away. In area's that are highly concentrated with clutter, we may opt to clean around the items to focus on cleaning.

Please note if clutter is time prohibited we will let you know as this may increase the cost of future cleanings.
We do move light weight items to clean under such as barstools, dining room table chairs, small ottomans, etc.

For heavier items, we may opt to clean under them depending on the clearance. If you have someone available to move the bigger furniture pieces while we're cleaning we will work with whomever would be moving the pieces of furniture to get completely under them.
We love all animals, but some animals don't enjoy loud noises of noises or strangers in their personal space. We do prefer animals being secured in a part of the house that isn't being cleaned. But let us know how you would prefer us to work with your pets ahead of time so we can keep them safe and sound.
We are fully bonded and insured. Rarely, items may get broken so feel rest assured that we have insurance to cover any loss that may occur from one of our Maid Happy Cleaning Technician's.
Regular cleaning and deep cleaning are our specialty. We offer custom cleanings based upon our customer's needs.

We do scheduled cleanings as well, so if you need a maid service to do recurring cleanings we can get you on the schedule.

Whether you need weekly, bi weekly, monthly, etc.
At Maid Happy we will treat your home like ours, but if something does happen during one of our cleanings we'll do our best to replace or repair the item.

We do carry insurance for this reasons, so we will file claims when necessary.
We don't expect our customers to tip, but our cleaning technicians are allowed to accept tips.

Some of our customers tip a little at the end of each job while others wait until the end of the year to tip larger.

We also encourage you to leave us a review on our Facebook page or google page to let us know how we are doing.

If you are unhappy with a service don't hesitate to reach out to us.
If for some reason you are not happy with the service please let us know within 24 hours so we can schedule to come back out and clean those areas again.

Each Team Maid Happy team member has a 70 Point checklist and has cleaning experience.

We also have a team lead that goes out with each team of two or more. The team lead's responsibility is to make sure that the service is done up to our standards.

With that said mistakes do happen and we would be happy to provide a solution.
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