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We have a custom cleaning service designed to help you clean when you need it, whether we clean one time or on regular, your house will always sparkle clean when we leave it.


With over 15+ years of getting to know every kind of client, from homeowners to home builders. Our relentless passion for cleaning excellence and customer service means we invest in continuously improving our processes and our employee's. Maid Happy is a leading provider of cleaning for Residential & Commercial businesses.

So whether you're looking for someone that you can rely on to give your house a reoccurring cleaning or just a one time clean we are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions
There are a few reasons why we always suggest an in person quote vs just online booking. But don't worry if you don't have the time for an in person quote and feel comfortable using our online booking we can still get the job done.

An in person quote will allow us to go over your expectations, our processes and give an accurate price for your home. It also allows us to get a better understanding of your exact expectations when it comes to hiring a cleaning service.
Life is busy and there's a reason why you are looking for a cleaning company. While we do manage some tidying up the more time we spend picking up clutter the less time we have for cleaning.

If possible picking up toys, important papers, clutter, etc. will allow us to focus on the job at hand. Just like your in laws coming to visit and putting dishes in the wrong spot, we would hate for you to spend time searching for something that was put away wrong. We will tidy up items on counter tops, but we shy away from putting things away. In area's that are highly concentrated with clutter, we may opt to clean around the items to focus on cleaning.
We do move light weight items to clean under such as barstools, dining room table chairs, small ottomans, etc.

For heavier items, we may opt to clean under them depending on the clearance. If you have someone available to move the bigger furniture pieces while we're cleaning we will work with whomever would be moving the pieces of furniture to get completely under them.
We love all animals, but some animals don't enjoy loud noises of noises or strangers in their personal space. We do prefer animals being secured in a part of the house that isn't being cleaned. But let us know how you would prefer us to work with your pets ahead of time so we can keep them safe and sound.
We are fully insured and bonded. Rarely, items may get broken so feel rest assured that we have insurance to cover any loss that may occur from one of our Maid Happy Cleaning Technician's.
At Maid Happy we strive to do just that. Make you happy. At time of scheduling we put your card on hold and will attempt to reach out to make sure the service was provided to your expectations. After we've confirmed the service was well received we will charge for the service.

You may see a pending charge for the service at time of scheduling (depending on your bank/credit card). But we won't process it until after the job is complete.
We try our best to reach each customer, we will attempt to contact three times to get feedback about the service. If after the third attempt we are unable to reach you, we will charge for the service.

We hope that we can eventually connect to make sure the service was up to your expectations!
Life can be unpredictable and occasionally things may pop up. We always ask for a heads up as soon as you as possible.

To cancel, let us know either via facebook, voice mail, email, the contact us page, etc. We do request to be notified within 48 hours of a scheduled cleaning to allow us to fill that time slot for cancellations.

For reoccurring cleanings we will attempt to reschedule you for the next available cleaning. If a scheduled reoccurring cleaning needs to be skipped until the next cleaning and we're given less than 48 hours we may charge a 50% of the job cancellation fee.

For One Time Clean and Special Projects if a cancellation comes within 48 hours a 50% job fee will be applied.

It's always important to let us know within before the 48 hour window of a cleaning to avoid any fee's.
If for some reason you are not happy with the service please let us know within 24 hours so we can schedule to come back out and clean those areas again.

Each Team has a 70 Point checklist, as well as a team lead that goes over at the end of every cleaning to make sure that each job is performed to the same standard.
Looking for a one time clean of a specific area of your home? This is the service for you.
Looking for a one time clean for your entire home? Our Flat Rate service covers full home clean following our detailed checklist.
Are you renting and your lease is about to end? We have a cleaning service especially for this!
Just had an event but don't want to worry about the mess the next day? We have a solution for this as well!
Request An In-Person Estimate
For a cleaning that meets your highest standards, you need a dedicated team of trained specialists with all supplies needed to thoroughly clean your home.

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    We do everything we can to make our services as affordable as possible. Our budget flexibility extends all the way to employing the right amount of help at the right times to make a positive difference in our customers’ lives and confidence in our services.
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    We do everything we can to make our services as affordable as possible. Our budget flexibility extends all the way to employing the right amount of help at the right times to make a positive difference in our customers’ lives and confidence in our services.

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